Our Mission

Our mission is to provide young people with comprehensive education that fosters excellence in artistic creation and a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a trusting, caring, safe environment where learning is a lifelong process and where each individual is unique and respected. We believe that everyone has the potential to develop responsibility and become a productive member of the community. We aim to create an environment where enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning are fundamental.

Our Purpose

Our agency endeavors to help youth aspire to the highest standards, to succeed in life, and to develop healthy self-esteem. For urban youth, we understand that individual empowerment is closely aligned with an appreciation of and pride in one's culture. NextHitz Youth programs fall into three areas: Artistic Development, Empowerment, & Health/Wellness.

We propose to provide health and wellness and media broadcasting training for Santa Clara County's under-served youth. These sessions focus on helping youth improve their physical health, nutrition, and academic preparedness for higher learning. This year, we have been working with at-risk and high-risk youth delivering pro-social recreation activities that will be held at Oak Grove High School (San Jose, CA) during the summer, and continue throughout the year. Our health and wellness programs emphasize cardio activities, resistance training, dietary intake, and appropriate activities centered-on healthy body to mass indexes.

NextHitz Youth's Entrepreneur and Fine Arts Programs will be available throughout the Bay Area. Individuals will participate in an Entrepreneurship and Business Development project. Our Entrepreneur Program assists individuals in forming groups where they will research and develop their own business ideas from start to finish. Qualified and experienced instructors will teach these groups. Each component offers participants the opportunity to work in groups, learn new skills, and learn more about themselves. We also offer programs focusing on life skills, communication skills, organizational skills, financial education, and creative arts.