Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Island Reggae Irie Show has been postponed. The date is TBA. This page will be updated as soon as the new date is confirmed. Thank you all for your support.



Common Kings’ style and music is a collection of inspirations orchestrated into an array of head rocking beats, feel good vibes, and emotional fever. Their crazy, fun-loving attitude compliments Common Kings’ live sound, producing phenomenal hits with rock, reggae, and island influences. These influences originate from each band members love for various genres, and widespread knowledge of music.




A self-taught guitarist and song writer, Anuhea began showcasing her talents while boarding at Hawaii’s famous Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu. A naturally gifted songwriter, Anuhea’s word choices are a clever balance of emotions where each song tells a unique story, each story a lesson learned.”I’m influenced highly by R&B and Soul, Hip Hop and Funk, but my instrument is acoustic guitar. I tend to write most of my songs during the craziest parts of my life. I’ll write pages and pages in my notebook in no order then go back with my guitar in my hands and sing the words as lyrics to some chords. That’s how most songs start for me.” Anuhea wants to be a part of a new generation melding the melodic traditions of her island upbringing with modern beats and influences.


Josh WaWa White was born and raised in Glendale, UT and is currently living in West Valley City, UT. Both Josh and his brother and manager Abe say, “We come from a strong Tongan family.”
White developed his own singing style. “I thought of two music artists, Bob Marley and Nate Dogg, and how it would sound to mix both of their voices.” A fusion of Reggae and gangsta Hip-Hop? Genius.