Our MBS program has officially concluded! We’re so thankful to have worked with all of the wonderful young people who joined us this summer. We sincerely hope that the skills and lessons learned throughout the program have sparked a flame within them that leads to great things in their futures. A huge thank you to the City of San Jose for helping make this possible! Like the trees and flowers, our next generation must be watered and fed so that they grow and bloom.


The theme of this year’s program was Nutrition & Fitness. The Nutrition aspect of the program centered around nutrition lessons. We worked to make sure that the youth understood what they were putting into their bodies. While exercise is very important, we feel that they should understand that their diet is the fuel that makes them go.


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To complement the nutrition and fitness lessons, we had the youth participate in basketball lessons. Basketball is a very high energy sport, so we felt that it’d be a perfect demonstration of what a body can do when running at peak fitness.

Thanks again to all who supported us this year, we hope to see you all next summer!


– NextHitz Youth